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Read about how vandeStreek bier began, how we develop new beers and what our plans are for the future.

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All year round you can find us, our bar and our beers at various events in the Netherlands or sometimes abroad.


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How we brew

Our beers are more than water, malts, hops and yeast.

Beer is one of the most diverse drinks in the world. Brewed with only a few pure ingredients: water, malts , hops and yeast. We get the inspiration for our beers from our own creativity and taste, not from traditions.

Our mission is to let people enjoy craft beers that are full of taste, beers that are of quality, easy to drink, results of creativity and experiments.

Collaborations are our second nature - beer is an ideal platform to let people unite. By collaborating with artists, bee keepers, other brewers, coffee roasters and many others we are inspired and we learn new things.

team vandeStreek

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Brewer, Owner, Founder
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Ronald van de Streek

Brewer, Owner, Founder
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Jorik Dames

Beer Geek, Sales, Kite Surfer
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Georg Willems

Brewer, Soccer, Baco’s
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Vladi Boroday

Biermarketeer, Mooiboy, Fixie
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Bas Verheij

Bierbezorger, Baard, Brommer

Ons bier in je winkel op de plank of in je horecazaak op de kaart of wisseltap?


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